• Living On Screen

    Louisa Rogers

    Posted on May 18 2018

    Living On Screen
    Screens are everywhere this year. A new thirst for chinoiserie and a revival of antique...
  • Product Spotlight: Lampshades

    Louisa Rogers

    Posted on April 24 2018

    Product Spotlight: Lampshades
    Orange Feathered Lampshade. Click here to buy.  We are starting a new series of blog...
  • The Spring Edit

    Louisa Rogers

    Posted on April 10 2018

    The Spring Edit
    With Spring beckoning, a new colour palette enters into the Interiors world. Textures b...
  • Susi Bellamy for Heals

    Louisa Rogers

    Posted on March 13 2018

    Susi Bellamy for Heals
    The Heals brand name conjures up different things for different people. Some associate...
  • More Is More: Maximalist Wallpapers

    Louisa Rogers

    Posted on February 16 2018

    More Is More: Maximalist Wallpapers
    We have noticed a recurring trend at the world's most prestigious interiors trade-shows...