Graphic Grain - Our New Autumn/Winter Collection


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Graphic Grain collection for the Autumn/Winter 2023 season. The range draws on modernist references and rich colours to create a grittier incarnation of our signature velvet pieces. The Bauhaus school’s optimism for the future emphasized functionality and simplicity in the design process evidenced in their revolutionary but understated designs. Many of these pieces have not dated - and could have been conceptualised yesterday in a contemporary design studio. Susi became familiar with the Bahaus school during her Fine Art education and their use of form has continued to impact her own design process in the years following. 

It was not only the colour palette and ideology of the modernists that foregrounded this collection. We were equally inspired by the recent trend for ‘Dark Academia’ that takes the visual language of the English countryside and gothic University buildings to reimagine old school style with a new contemporary twist. Nature fuses with the mahogany interiors of library shelves and burgundy leather in a style that is evocative but not overly sentimental or saccharine. 

The organic details temper the playfulness of the prints' tesselation in favour of something more naturalistic. The depth and texture of these designs make them stand out against slick or patent surfaces such as sofas or matte-painted walls. Think of the range looking most at home in rooms that boast solid, dark wood furniture, rich and expressive artwork and brass lamps and light fittings. 

Some designs reference nature with dark malachite greens and rich carnelian reds, others take their cue from the plum purples and lemon yellows of the cornucopia to re-energize your rooms. The 1970s influence is never far, and the Graphic Grain range looked right at home in the time-warp Civic Centre photoshoot we created for the brand. These versatile geometrics are masculine and grounded without relying on looking overly traditional. Style them on Ercol sofas, or alongside G Plan sideboards for a mid-century modern feel, or with chunky knitted blankets and squat table lamps to create a cosy feel.

The return to a considered and close-up view of nature emphasizes the tactility and comforting familiarity of surfaces - something that feels urgent in an age where the screen is taking over from the haptics of reality. Although the influence of natural elements is clear, the consistent rhythmic quality of the print ensures it is bohemian without sacrificing its refinement. We feel that the result is that our ‘Graphic Grain’ collection is at once distinctive yet timeless.


You can browse through the range by clicking here

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