Susi Bellamy creates vibrant, colourful interiors based on original and unique artwork painted in the studio, and hand marbled paper designs created using a traditional technique. Her artwork is inspired by her great love of colour, her background as a fashion editor and her time working and living in Florence.

The designs feature rich, exuberant colours and recall the layering and marbling of paint. This brings to mind the rough texture of ancient Palazzo wall surfaces with spaces that seem to contain their own layers of distance and perspective, encrusted with strata of both landscape and surface decoration. The rich texture and subtle mark making created in Susi's paintings and papers are digitally transferred to both luxurious velvet and mica wallpaper. This high quality printing process harnesses the rich texture of the artwork onto the surface and emphasises the dynamism and depth of her designs.

Susi Bellamy’s collection is made in England from start to finish using the highest quality materials. Each design punctuates any interior with flashes of visual impact in a range of colour combinations. The designs work in conjunction with each other to create a maximalist explosion of colour, or individually as a statement piece to add a striking colour accent to any room. Their combination of uniqueness, colour and vibrancy will impact any interior in the same way as a piece of artwork.



Susi is interested in the interface between colour, fashion and art. Often working within the limited colour palette for the fashion season, Susi adds a contemporary aesthetic to her work inspired by colour trends. Using acrylic paint, Susi's atmospheric abstract paintings suggest landscape and pattern. She responds to the negative spaces and streaks left by the rough surface of her trowel, giving order to something that appears at random. Inspired by her time living in Florence she couldn't help but be inspired by the Renaissance city and the skills of the local artisans.  As she stacks layers and strata,each painting is allowed a certain element of evolutionary freedom within the context of her vision. At a certain point the paint starts to take over, it starts to move and then within each painting is the suggestion of, a possibility for the next one. Once completed the paintings, created on a wooden surface, are sometimes cropped into squares and then edited down to smaller works. It was then viewing them all lined up on shelving in the studio which inspired the idea of creating a collection of cushions.

She attributes her ability to see, create, edit and compose to her days as a fashion editor for Conde Nast Publications in London. Standing behind the camera of some of photography's greats, such as David Bailey and Norman Parkinson, she perfected the art of creating visual images for the magazine world, a skill that has been indispensable to her development as a painter. Susi has an MA in fine art from Northumbria University which culminated in a degree show at Baltic 39 in 2013. She now works from Cobalt Studios in the Ouseburn, Newcastle. Further highlighting her passion for colour, Susi recently became chairman of the Northern Chapter of the Colour Group (GB).

Visit Susi's art website here.


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