Perfecting Our Palette

I wanted to do a blog post about our new colour palette to explain its evolution. Rather than pick a very limited palette every season and sticking strictly to those shades to create product, I like to experiment and essentially follow my instinct in terms of colour. This may produce a less 'coherent' palette, but the overall 'feel' of the new range still feels consistent with the atmosphere I wanted to create.

Peacock Bouquet Velvet Fabric

No matter your situation, 2020 has been a difficult year. It has prompted us to rethink many of our values, our day-to-day practices and the way in which we live our lives. At times, it felt easy to surrender to more morbid thoughts and feelings. The news pumped out heart-wrenching statistics at us relentlessly, and most of us felt helpless.

Peacock and Blush Bouquet Square Cushions

But there was a side-effect. The home became our sanctuary. Our safe space. Or at least, that's what we wanted it to be. Over lockdown we became intimately familiar with it's four walls and many of us had clear outs, suddenly thinking about the objects we surround ourselves with for the first time in a long time. 

I wanted to use colours that added to this safe feeling, but not in a way that was sterile or patronising. Why does feeling calm have to mean dull neutral colours? Was there a way to create something homely without straying from my love of vibrant shades?

Peacock Bouquet Velvet Fabric, Malachite Marbled Tasseled Cushion, Malachite Marbled Velvet Stool and X Beauvamp Peacock Satin Lampshade

The result was a colour palette that was born in the pages of antique books and in the details of renaissance paintings. Blush pinks, warm mauves, and refined peaches. To counterbalance, I looked to the world of gemstones. Malachite and Sapphire and Carnelian. These darker extravagant designs balance out the detailed Peacock and Blush Bouquet prints.

Peacock Bouquet End Ruched Cushion and Throw

I hope that by intuitively using these colours that embody luxury without losing their warmth and comforting familiarity, I have created something that will add to that feeling of security and restfulness in the home. Our velvet fabrics and silk cotton lampshades give the colours a subtle shine that will appear lustrous under soft light. A warm glow to console and comfort as winter approaches.

Duck Egg Bouquet Tasselled Cushion

You can browse the new range in it's entirety here.

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