A Bouquet Of Prints

Peacock Bouquet Fabric and Velvet Cushion

My bouquet collection represents the latest iteration of my love for the traditional paper marbling technique. About twice a year, I escape to the beautiful grounds of West Dean College in Chichester, to create for a week and play with colour. 

Duck Egg Bouquet Velvet Fabric

The marbling print has been a signature of mine since my first collection of 'Silky' cushions. I started off using colours inspired by Italian architecture: the burnished yellows and rusts of houses in the dusk. 

Duck Egg Bouquet Fabric, Lampshade and Tasselled Cushion

As my range has evolved, so has my colour palette. This year I was most inspired by a rococo colour scheme. Think of the painting of Fragonard and Watteau - a romantic sensibility with whimsy and decorative considerations. Peacock Bouquet is the perfect encapuslation of this aesthetic - combining mint greens with powder pinks and soft mauves in equal measure.

Blush Bouquet Velvet Fabric

Duck Egg Bouquet takes the cooler tones of our 'Peacock Bouquet' and expands on them to create a design that would work with more neutral tones. Blush Bouquet does the same thing with mouth-watering watermelon pinks.

I hope you enjoy the dreaminess and flirtatious femininity of this range as much as I do. You can browse the entire collection here.


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