How To Style Your Bed

Malachite Marbled Velvet Cushion and Heart of Coral Velvet Cushion
We've covered how to style your sofa with our cushions - so now we thought we would broach the topic of bedding! After all, we spend about 26 years of our life in bed (a scary thought when you see it written down) - but this only emphasises how important it is to feel comfortable and cosy in your sleeping space. 
Peacock Bouquet Velvet Cushion and Lampshade
1. Pick A Colour palette
Just like your sofa, you'll find it helpful to have a colour scheme in mind when you're selecting cushions, bedding and throws. Generate one using a tool like or be inspired by other people's projects on Pinterest and start to build up a board of the tones you feel the most drawn to. Try and whittle your scheme down to 3-4 main shades rather than trying to 'do it all at once.'
2. Underneath It All
Use a block colour for your bedsheets. You don't have to go for a basic white (although this can be a simple neutral to build up from), you can also pick out a colour in the design of your bedcover or duvet and find an undersheet that matches it. 
Sapphire Marbled Large Velvet Cushion and Lampshades.
3. Keep It Cushioned
Now for the cushions! You'll want some practical pillows for sleeping, but then you'll want your decorative 'sham' pillows that make an impact - because memory foam in a beige case will never give you that wow factor. Create a layered look by experimenting with shapes and size. You might want to have some larger cushions in the back then smaller accents - or an oblong propped up at the front to pull the look together.
Carnelian Marbled Velvet Bed Throw
4. Throw It All Away
Don't underestimate the power of a bed throw. Even on a very simple duvet cover, they can provide the pop of print needed to give your bedroom that design edge. We've recently experimented with creating some of our own - from poppy patchwork to regal Carnelian prints. Oh, and the bonus is you can steal them and go and snuggle up with them on the sofa too.


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