Cut, Copy and Paste!

The era of the Super Model feels like it was so long ago - and yet their popularity endures! Countless Instagram accounts chronicle the Fab Five and inspire millennials and Gen Z to embrace the glamour of a fashionable bygone era. Think Versace, Kate Moss, and lots of gold jewellery!

Pale Pink Switch Digital Print

Back in my days as a magazine editor, the full bleed editorial shoots were always the most crucial part of a publication. They contributed so tangibly to the creative vision of the title, that it was important we created shoots that were not only aspirational but invigorating to our readership. The models brought this energy, and we would experiment with different poses and angles to try and capture 'that' perfect shot!

Lavender Fashion Digital Print

Years later, I was collaging with some fashion magazines from the 1990s. Something wasn't working, I was transplanting models into various settings and nothing felt right. I went to go and get a cup of coffee and when I came back to my table, I had put some of my cuttings down the wrong away around.

Grey Shoe Digital Print

I liked the Gestalt effect it had - my brain took a moment to organise and understand the shapes when their familiar features had been removed. But ultimately, they were strong and recognisable silhouettes. I placed these on flat colours to emphasise the form of each piece even further, choosing trending colours of the season.

I put a small, curated selection of these artworks online for sale. These prints are signed, named and numbered out of a limited edition of 100 per design. They are printed on eggshell paper. They look fantastic individually or as triptychs or larger groupings as shown in the image above. They are an unusual and affordable way to bring the spirit of 1990s high fashion to your space - and easier to sneak past the husband than a handbag!

Shop the range of prints here, and you can see some of my other artwork here.




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