Upgrade Your Upholstery

Today I wanted to talk a bit about using my fabrics for your own upholstery projects. Seeing how the interior design community uses my prints with furnishings they have sourced, or to create bespoke features in their schemes, is something that validates my work as a designer-creator.

From those working with minimalist, modern interiors and using my fabrics as the focal point of the room, to my fellow maximalist who layer and 'mix and match' at will - It encourages me to keep creating.

Something I've wanted to create for a long time was a screen partition in our luscious velvet fabric. The Peacock and Teal Bouquet motifs felt whimsical enough to use in this context - a hint of the boudoir brought into the living space!

We also created a series of stools with our new fabrics and paired this with our newfound love of bullion trim! The result is a practical but compact statement soft furnishing. They could function as side tables, as a footstool or even as seating depending on their environment. 

You can purchase this very limited run of stools directly from us, or you can order fabric by the metre (we print to order too, so no wasteful fabric usage!) and then use it to complete to your own interior design projects. Shop our range of stools here and our expanding fabric selection here.



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