The Prettiest Passementerie

Ruched Blush Bouquet Cushion and Ruched Peacock Bouquet Cushions

"Passementerie" is a term that applies to all manner of elaborate fringing, tassels and even braiding that is used on furnishings or to hem fabrics like curtains and bed throws. The origins of the word are (unmistakably) french - passement referred to an ornamental braid that became fashionable in the 17th century.

Tasselled Malachite Cushion and Malachite Lampshade

We were drawn to it for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has a sort of antique charm that is unmistakable. After years of luxury interiors being synonymous with polished chrome and sterile white surfaces, the world seems to be collectively rediscovering a love for the more eclectic, layered and remarkable. Secondly, our friends at Troynorth Ltd had suggested trialling a few of their locally made trims with our designs to see how they worked out.

Tasselled Carnelian Square Cushion

Keen to support a local business and experiment with our product at the same time - we ordered in some samples and started mixing and matching. The tassels are a simple addition to the cushion that rounds them off in lieu of piping, whereas the thick fringing perfectly encloses the square motif - taking on the role of a frame.

End Ruched Peacock Bouquet Cushion

We also tried out using the fringing on either end of this oblong style, rather than all the way around. This exquisite design is the jewel in the crown of Susi’s new luxe collection.

Our Peacock Bouquet design incorporates sumptuous shades of amber, green and ochre - punctuated with signature pops of pink. The oblong shape is ideal as a highlight to your scheme - pair with complementing designs or against our velvet plains so it can come into its' own. 

Our Malachite Kaleidoscope and Carnelian Tasseled Cushions sit atop a Malachite Fringed Velvet Stool

Once we had started incorporating passementerie into our designs we couldn't stop! We decided to create some more stools this year. We have created a few before, and with the hard-wearing nature of our velvet fabrics that lend themselves so well to furnishings, we had to reiterate on our original design. 

This circular stool combined our Malachite Marbled fabric with a generous burgundy bullion fringe. It would be perfect for interiors that have a traditional feel with it's rich and dark colour palette.

From left: Peacock Bouquet Lampshade, Throw, and Square Cushions

While our core range of lampshades stays fringing-free, we do have another exclusive collaboration with BeauVamp coming out - who have truly mastered the art of combining lighting and the prettiest passementerie. You can shop the range here!


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