The Jewels In Our Crown

One of our capsule collections for Autumn/Winter 2020 is the 'Jewel Marbled' selection. Inspired by the rich tones of gems, they were created using our signature paper marbling technique in the artists' studio, then transposed onto fabrics and finally made into plush cushions, decadent fabrics and statement stools.

Malachite Marbled

Malachite is a stone that conjures up a whole host of images: from opulent furnishings in French castles to the ancient Egyptian carvings. It's emerald green colour and organic motifs intrinsically link it to nature and it would therefore be equally at home in a home with a bohemian feel, as much as one with a more contemporary and luxurious aesthetic.

Ruby Marbled

Red is such a strong colour and one that rears its head again and again in my work. I am so drawn to its' vibrancy and its unapologetic nature. The Ruby Marbled design pairs the exoticism of this Indian stone with playful bubblegum pinks and small flecks of sunshine yellow to really lift the scarlet.

Sapphire Marbled

Blue is a calming colour, and midnight blue has shown to calm us down. This is unsurprising, as a vestige of our natural human instinct will subconsciously connect this to a calm night sky. Our Sapphire Marbled design balanced royal blue, the deepest aubergine purple (a nearly-black!) and a tangerine orange accent.


Carnelian Marbled

The carnelian is a less well-known semi-precious stone, but it's history as an amulet goes back to Sumerian civilisations. It was thought to bring good luck but also inspire confidence, as it's orangey-red tone was thought to represent the vigour and vitality of blood. Our carnelian design incorporates its immediately identifiable fiery orange with a neutral mauve and shadowy wine purple.



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