The Interiors Trends That Will Define 2020

As we ring in the new year, we wanted to do a round-up of some of the interiors trends we are constantly reading about in all of our favourite magazines! We invite you to be inspired by a more playful and sustainable approach to interior design this year...

Orange Feathered Lampshade and Cushion

1. Antique Gold

Increased awareness of the need to shop sustainably in all areas has led to a resurgence of certain design trends present in antiques. This includes everything from mix-and-match playful porcelain table settings to materials like burgundy velvet and polished mahogany. One of the most prevalent colour trends will be antique gold, set to supercede cool, clinical chromes and overused industrial copper the world over. With its' more decadent connotations and warmer feel, antique gold will become a design detail of choice. My lampshades are specially made with gold interior spokes which complement the rich velvet designs perfectly. 

Pietra Blu Wallpaper

2. Explosion of Colour

Colour is here to stay. I've often written about the transformative power of colour, particularly within the realm of interiors. Who doesn't want to be re-invigorated as soon as they walk through their door? It's a cure-all gift which will keep on giving. Pantone's Colour of The Year is at once indulgent and calming and can be paired with pops of pink and carmine red to give it a more contemporary feel. My range of wallpapers doesn't shy away from some of the more unusual shades on the spectrum: from bright blue veined with fuschia to putty pink with peachy orange. If you're looking for a complete interiors overhaul, make this your first port of call. 

Orange Feathered Wallpaper

3. Pattern, Pattern, Pattern!

"The rule is... there are no rules!" says Amanda Lauren of when it comes to patterns in the home. But we do suggest if you want to embrace this trend that you pick a side. Either extreme: go for the ultimate clash of prints or matchy-matchy. Having a wallpaper that seamlessly runs onto a piece of furniture is a concept I've explored in my own home - and I've loved living with the result! This chest of drawers was reinvigorated by ReLOVED Manchester who specialise in transforming antique furnishings into new works of art. You can read more about here on her website. 

I've used several designs cross multiple products (for example Pietra Grigia and Grey Stucco) so you can create eclectic combinations of alternating designs or layer the same one to really pack a visual punch!

Beauvamp x Susi Bellamy Lampshade 

4. Trim on Everything

Another vestige of vintage interiors: the trim. Trim around the bottoms of sofas, cushions and lampshades gives everything a glamorous boudoir vibe that is just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek kitsch. My recent collaboration with Beau Vamp combined one of my abstract geometric designs with their signature luxurious fringing. We both have a shared love of bold colours and more classical design elements, so using a traditional shape and material (silk satin) in vibrant colours seemed the obvious way to go. See for yourself on Beauvamp's website.

Pietra Verde Wallpaper and Pink Foliage Lampshade

5. Wallpapered Ceilings

I've spoken about the 'fifth wall' on this blog before so I was thrilled to see it being mentioned in a variety of trend-forecasts for the year ahead. With increasingly smaller spaces to experiment in, many people are looking to unconventional uses to wallpaper to make their mark in the home. My wallpapers are vibrant and detailed, and are ideal to use for a single wall in a room if you don't want to overload a space but want to inject some print or colour.


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