Susi Bellamy x Sarah Waghorn

Gelo Blu Pebbles Wallpaper & Red/Blue Geode Collection

One of the joys of creative work is that friendships from years ago resurface. We begin to take a mutual interest in all of our 'second lives' enjoyed after children have flown the nest and life offers up more time to explore our own passions. Sarah Waghorn is one of these friends, we met years ago while we were both involved in the publishing world, at Conde Nast 'Brides' magazine. Sarah was the art director, concerned with the upholding the high-quality visual content and voice of such a prestigious publication, whilst I was the fashion and beauty editor. 

Sarah has been living in Australia for the best part of a decade, and this was a move that prompted her to take up a career in photography. "Coming to Australia has made me think about and observe the light," she explains, mentioning the unique light of a country so wide-open and sunlit that makes it a constant source of inspiration. Eventually, her burgeoning photography practice led her organically to more traditional artistic pursuits, such as painting and sketching. 

Sarah spends a lot of her time painting and sketching in 'plein air', mimicking the favoured technique of the impressionists that allowed them to capture the essence of light as it warms and cools over the landscape. Sarah's initial fascination with nature as a subject - the lifecycle of trees, their forms and colours - has evolved to become concerned with indoor spaces. Having briefly worked for home interest magazines, she explains that she aims to "show the light which spills into our homes and brings the decor to life."

Khaki Fantasy and Grey Stucco Wallpaper

Having reconnected with Sarah over our synchronised artistic renaissance, I suggested a collaboration in which she would interpret some of my collection in her signature style. The result is a series of playful yet considered vignettes in which texture and colour reign with dappled light effortlessly reproduced on paper in watercolour. 

If you would like to see more of Sarah's work, you can see her expanded portfolio here.

Orange Feathered Collection

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