Susi Bellamy x Beauvamp: Round Two!

I am incredibly excited to unveil our newest collaboration with the wonderful Beauvamp to create some exclusive lampshades. We used two of our new motifs: Carnelian Marbled orange satin and Peacock Bouquet marbled satin for the designs.

Alice, the founder and creative director of Beauvamp, carefully selected the fringing using two different colours. She wanted to select a trim that picked up all of the tones in the new Bouquet and Jewel Marbled collections and their accompanying ruching and tassels.

The final product is one that embodies a Belle Epoque feel that channels te opulence of a bygone era. And I daresay we all deserve a little escapism right now...

This is now our second collaboration and we work incredibly well together. Our ideas for design always seem to run along the same track and our shared passion for playful colour means that we trust each other's choices implicitly.

Working with other creatives is one of my favourite things to do and I am grateful that this business has been a vehicle not only for my own experimentation but also a catalyst for coming together and working with other talents in the industry.

We've also worked together in other areas - for example, my cushions appear alongside Alice's lampshades in her own marketing materials. This cross-pollination of collections is mutually beneficial and is a testament to how well our ranges can be styled in tandem with each other.

Her exquisite craftsmanship is impressive. She immaculately pleats the fabric and adds the trims and fringing by hand. The end result is a locally-made product of the highest standard: an accessory for the home created by two independent British designers coming together to inspire each other creatively and catalyse each other's businesses. 

You can shop for our exclusive collaboration here. You can see more of Alice's wonderful products on her website and Instagram. 


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