Susi Bellamy for Heals

The Heals brand name conjures up different things for different people. Some associate it with iconic design, some with the finest quality craftsmanship, and some with a quintessentially British approach to interiors. For me, Heals has always represented the destination for current interior design trends that are translated for their global reach: to become approachable, and to be adapted and incorporated into spaces that are loved and lived in. 

Being able to work with this bastion of British design is one of my proudest professional achievements to date. My collaboration with Heals began with a capsule collection of exclusive cushion designs, reinterpreting certain marbled motifs for their audience. The success of this collection has been reflected in the decision to expand their range of Susi Bellamy products to include my custom lampshades. 

My dynamic range of geometric cushions and lampshades inspired by my artwork and academic research piece entitled 'Colour as Commodity' have been picked up for their Spring Summer edit. 

susi bellamy geometric lampshade

'Colour as Commodity' was an exploration that began during my time at Northumbria University studying for my MA in Fine Art. My geometric series within this context was composed of a set of angular blocks, painted in the seasonal fashion colour palette of 'trending' shades.

I was playing with the concept of creative expression using limited components, emulating the fashion world in which consumers are presented with a limited collection of styles and colour tonalities, but are free to then style their clothing according to their own tastes within these boundaries.

heals susi bellamy

That Heals have bought into my brand values, and placed it in their precious retail space alongside other icons of design,  has been invaluable to a fledgling business like Susi Bellamy Home. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this collaborative effort, and if you would like to see my exclusive collection, you can buy from it here.

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