Susi Bellamy Featured in the Julian Chichester Window - Designed by Jeffreys Interiors

A colourful, bold bedroom scheme in the Julian Chichester window, designed by Jeffreys Interiors has recently been launched in London. Shades of turquoise are paired with pops of red to create a sophisticated yet playful bedroom design. 

The fabric on the upholstered headboard is our signature Teal Bouquet Velvet which looks dreamy! On the wall is our Duck Egg Bouquet wallpaper - another colour way from our Bouquet designs. A colour clash which looks stunning!

Sitting pretty on the Gilly Nicholson bedding are our Duck Egg Bouquet Tasselled Medium Oblong Cushions that add to the glamour of the room.

Last week, we visited the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour as we were lucky enough to have our home collection showcased in the window of Julian Chichester for the opening of Focus/23. Designed by Scottish based interior designer, Jo Aynsley of Jeffreys Interiors in Edinburgh.


Disco balls hang from the ceiling and pick up on the silvery, cool tones in the Duck Egg cushions and wallpaper. Pops of red from the bed, artwork and lamp bases add sophistication...

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