Porta Romana Uses Susi Bellamy Fabric and Wallpaper for Their Autumn/Winter 2023 Showroom Window Display

You can find our Ochre Strata Wallpaper adorning the windows of the luxurious lighting showroom of Porta Romana in the prestigious Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London for Focus/23, a design fair which is known for the exquisite interior brands and typically the launch of their Autumn collections. 

photograph of two lamps in a window of a store


















Our velvet fabric has also been used to cover these empire shaped lampshades and we are coveting their mottled glass lamp bases they have been paired with. The styling process for new collections is planned well in advance and we love the circus vibe of their new collection. Do pop in to see it if you're in the area!

The autumnal colours featured in these new Porta Romana Perez table lamps, paired with the rich colour palette of our velvet fabric, creates a feast for the eye, a talking point to add to any room. Above is our Peacock Bouquet and Duck Egg Bouquet Velvet Fabric, below is the Peacock Bouquet and Khaki Fantasy Velvet Fabric!

"A celebration of the unique and extraordinary. A showcase for the creativity that sits at the heart of Porta Romana" - Porta Romana. 

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