Pillow Pick and Mix

I can't be the only person who gets a childish thrill out of perusing the pick and mix stands in supermarkets and shops. Each little receptacle holds a universe of colours, shapes and textures within it, all organised in a harmonious grid. Today, we're advocating for you to play a game of pick and mix with your cushions (or pillows, if alliteration is important to you).
It can be tempting to buy up specifically designed ranges and display them alongside each other. There's nothing wrong with that, and as we curated our ranges, we tend to bear this in mind. However, there is a world of possibilities when you start to think outside of the box (or square pillowcase) in terms of colour, print and styles.
1. Scale
Combine cushions that have a unifying primary colour between them, but mix up the scale of the prints! The detailed marbled prints provide a refreshing contrast to more stylised designs such as our Geometrics or anything with large scale collage elements. We have been playing with our existing designs and making smaller shell cushions that sit happily in front or at the side of them to play with scale yet have everything co-ordinating. 
2. Texture
You'll probably have your go-to textures for cushions depending on the room or season. We see our silk cushions fly off the electronic shelves and land in warm climates and exotic hotels. Our velvets prove consistently popular in chilly England, where cosiness is a priority. But why not blend the textures together in a single space? The tactility and depth of our velvets set off the smoothness of our silk geometrics. 
3. Prints
Finally, considering mixing prints is a fantastic way to introduce diversity into your scheme. Keep the theme consistent so you are curating a cabinet of curiosities rather than a car boot sale stand! For example, you could stick with natural motifs and use our shell, bird and coral designs altogether. If you want something more cool and contemporary, you could blend our geometric designs with our painterly abstracts.
We have also added some new plain velvet cushions into our current selection, to give you more options as you start to put together your very own "melange." Don't overthink it - trust your intuition and the beauty of cushions is that you can move things around and switch it up at a whim!
The number one mantra to bear in mind as you aim to strike a balance between rigid coordination and excessive eclecticism is: curation is key! 

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