Pick and Mix Menagerie

Victorian illustrations have always been an integral part of my inspiration for my collaged collections. I pore over weighty old books that meticulously catalogue everything from natural gemstones to architectural details. The exquisite attention paid to the drawings is evidence of the skill of these illustrators. 
Each bird has its own history, its own symbolism, and as a result each cushion becomes emblematic in a different way. The owl is commonly associated with wisdom, a quiet knowing, and the Crowned Pigeon named after Queen Victoria (a specimen was brought back for her consideration after an expedition to New Guinea). 
These cushions are highly decorative and use some of our more feminine colours: from the raspberry pinks and amber oranges of our Blush Twin Eagle Owls design to the soft greyish blue of our Blu Crowned Pigeon.
In terms of styling, the eclectic range lends itself to bold interiors - but you can be as understated as you want to be or really embrace the melting pot of motifs and create your own 'pick and mix menagerie' as we call it! 
Why not clash your prints? Pick out your favourite design and identify the main colours. In this Woodpecker Collage cushion, the crimson red and rich blue are the focus. Then choose something else in our range that uses those same two colours as the basis for the print. It's how to do 'clashing' without looking utterly chaotic! 
If clashing prints isn't your bag, you can go to the opposite end of the styling spectrum and go for a 'matchy matchy' set-up. The interiors co-ord is something we have written about before and we still think it's a great way to give your room a slightly vintage feel. This Malachite velvet-covered stool pairs with our Malachite Oriole cushion - the dark green really lifts the bright yellow of the bird's feathers. 
Our Little Bee-Eater design feels very tropical with its lashings of bright orange and aquamarine. Style it in summery interiors that match with the bright and breezy colour palette. 
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