Neutral Ground

Although my brand has become synonymous with bold colours and detailed prints, I wanted to curate a selection of our more neutral tones to demonstrate how versatile they can be. It can be daunting to incorporate stronger colours into an interiors scheme - after all, it's not like an outfit that you can stash away at the back of your wardrobe and forget about - so starting with something more subtle and building up from there is ideal.

A lot of our bestselling designs are those that have brown or beige undertones. They can be mixed and matched together with ease and suit most interior schemes, whether modern or eclectic. As above, they sit alongside one another to create a layered organic effect.

Matching neutral designs together gives you the opportunity to inject colour elsewhere. Here, our Pietra Grigia cushions and lampshade provide balance to a limoncello-yellow wall and oversized orange pillows.

They are perfect for accessorising a more masculine space, after all, even man caves need a bit of cosiness! Designs inspired by nature in subtler colourways The stoniness of our Pietra Grigia, Blu or Verde work with the tougher texture of leather sofas or chairs, while the liquidity of our Khaki and Brown Fantasy designs contrast with woven linen soft furnishings.

In the setting above, Pietra Grigia and Pietra Blu lift a simple beige settee with a pop of fuschia pink that runs through the marbled motif.

Our more neutral fabric designs work well for larger projects such as headboards or custom upholstery. The slight lustre of our signature velvet strikes the perfect balance between the natural pattern and a sense of luxury and tactility. You can then stick to quite simplistic bedding or cushions to allow the print to come to the fore, or play with the idea of stratifying multiple styles upon one another. Shop the fabrics from the top left: Khaki Brown Fantasy, Pietra Grigia, Pietra Verde, Grey Fantasy.

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