Make Mine Malachite!

Malachite Kaleidoscope Marbled Cushion & Malachite Marbled Velvet Lampshade

Malachite, a stone famous for its bold emerald green colour and equally delicious striated and globular motifs, was the starting point for a handful of designs in my new range. It was used for the most ornate furnishings in 19th century France and luxurious ashtrays and compacts well into the 1920s. Its enduring popularity points to its versatility as a material and colour that seamlessly slots into a host of interiors schemes.

Malachite Marbled Velvet Lampshade

No two pieces of Malachite ever look the same, so each mineral is unique. This is mirrored in my process as I plunge papers into the ink to marble them - every time, a brand new shape and pattern forms. I love the idea of something original at every turn, creating a sense of luxury and distinction.

Malachite Marbled Velvet Lampshade & Carnelian Marbled Velvet Fabric

Symbolically, malachite was a stone for traders and merchants and seen to have protective properties - but also because salespeople would often find their motifs within the patterns and craft a narrative around them. This made the stone supremely marketable, with each potential customer seeing their own destiny in the ripples and bubbles of the stone.

Carnelian Marbled Velvet Fabric, Malachite Fringed Velvet Stool & Malachite Kaleidoscope Tasselled Cushion

My Malachite designs look right at home with other earthy colours - they are lifted and brightened by firey oranges (like our Carnelian) - bringing our the veins of apple green in the design. If you want to move away from a colour clash and opt for more subtle styling, they work well with rich antique textures like dark mahogany and burgundy leathers. My bullion fringed stool would work well in a study or library for this reason.

Malachite Marbled Velvet Fabric

I've also used this print as part of our fabric range so you can use it for your own design projects. You could create something contemporary by pairing it with midcentury style frames or embrace a neoclassical aesthetic with ornate gold detailing. You can shop the Malachite selection here.


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