Living On Screen

Screens are everywhere this year. A new thirst for chinoiserie and a revival of antique, almost frivolously indulgent furnishings have fuelled the trend. Screens, or room dividers, have a fabulously old-world feel that is appealing to people wanting to inject a bit of romanticism into their living spaces.

We embraced the trend ourselves by designing our wallpaper display as a custom screen, with each panel displaying a colourful peek into our range of designs with gold art deco inspired details.

Gucci embraced exoticism, pairing their bright baroque-inspired designs with screens that mimic the shape of middle eastern palace windows.

Loewe was already exploring these themes back in 2016, with their 'leather marquetry' collection featuring oriental-inspired graphic designs on folding screens, paired with deliciously dark lacquered chairs. 

Perfect for a dividing a wide open living space without making it feel smaller, or for giving your bedroom (or boudoir!) a tinge of 1920s glamour, the folding screen is making a definite comeback in the world of design, and we are thrilled.



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