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Grey Marbled Linen Fabric

Up until this point we have come to be known for our luxurious velvet cushions and fabrics in marbled and collaged prints. And while we will always love our velvets, we felt that there was a need to expand the range and start to experiment with new materials that give our prints different textures, depths and colour vibrancies. 

Smaller quantities of fabric can be used for projects like tableware. Contrasting the linens with rough, wooden textures can be very effective - for example a table runner over unpolished wood. The linens can also be used for light-use upolstery (just make sure you use a fire-retardant liner). 

Indian Summer Linen Fabric

We are now introducing a linen range. Linen symbolised purity and light in ancient Egypt and has come to be synonymous with an understated sense of luxury. We tend to associated linen fabrics with warmer climes too, so whether you live somewhere with the heat or not, inciorporating it into a home scheme can trick us into feeling in a more mellowed-out mediterranean mood.

The woven fabric gives items a more natural feel without losing the tactility of texture and of course, the all-important print detail. These fabrics would be ideally suited to bountiful draped curtains and crisp roman blinds. 

They would be at home in rooms that get a lot of natural light and have a beachier or slightly more bohemian feeling to them.

Sand Swirl Linen Fabric

The linen range also comes with it's sustainability perks. Firstly, all of the fabrics are printed in the UK on oyster linen (a sort of cotton blend) so there are no lengthy (and carbon-emission heavy) round-the-world trips to be done. It also means that we can offer more responsive lead-time if you required the fabric for a project.

Teal Bouquet Linen Fabric

In addition to this, we are only printing the fabric on a made-to-order basis. This allows us to minimise textile waste, as the creation of virgin raw materials is still one of the most harmful ways that the interiors industry contributes to environmental issues. 

Peacock Bouquet Linen Fabric

The fabrics are based on Susi's hand-marbled paper designs and although our designs range from richer jewel tones like Peacock Bouquet to airy pastels like Indian Summer, the organic feel of the fabric lends each of them a freshness and lightness that make them very versatile choices for a host of projects.

Remember, we also do a series of linen cushions which you could layer with our fabrics or use it as an opportunity to clash prints whilst maintaining the consistency of a single fabric texture.

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