How To Style Interiors Fit For a Princess

 While our wardrobes were becoming less opulent, and focusing on comfort and lounge-ability, our interiors were ramping up! Royalcore is a style that has gained popularity over the past year fuelled by the cultural impact of bodice-ripping Bridgerton. 

It might seem counterintuitive that such a trend has seen a resurgence at a time when any show of wealth is seen a bit gauche or in-bad-taste - but this trend isn’t just about luxury for luxury’s sake. Royalcore resonates today because it’s about indulging ourselves in interiors that go beyond the purely practical and feel playful, romantic, and extravagant.

The key features of Royalcore are all that you might expect to find in a palatial setting: gold details, dramatic damask flock, rich velvets, sumptuous fringing, and frivolous florals. Intricate details and tactile textures make for an exuberant but welcoming setting that’s truly fit for a princess.

The French renaissance remains the main reference point for the style that shun more outdated-feeling modern monarchies and embrace feminine shades or jewel colours over plush reds and polite but washed-out pastel tones. Naturally, the Parisians are naturals at blending eras within their homes to create lavish schemes that still feel eclectic enough to be lived in. 

The maximalism of baroque is also present in the modern trend for Royalcore. Imposing cabinets with exotic images of animals and flora were used to demonstrate the worldliness of their owners - perhaps a Blush Twin Eagle cushion can do the heavy lifting for you instead (and that way you don’t have to worry about ceiling height!)

They do say a persons’ home is their castle, so it’s time we furnished them like it!  Embrace sourcing items from unexpected places as this is where you can pick up older pieces. Keep an eye out for regency console tables and French chandeliers that can be easily cleaned up and given a new lease of life. Motifs inspired by the Japonisme movement featuring birds, butterflies, and peaceful rural landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for antique furnishings.

And don’t be convinced that you need to recreate Marie Antoinette’s drawing-room to embrace the Royalcore trend - if you’d rather just have a stately finishing touch in your home - focus on a centerpiece. You could use our Peacock Bouquet fabric to upholster a Louis XV chair or foot-stool. 

On the other hand, if you’re ready for a right royal residence, you could layer up some plush ruffled cushions on a bed and flank the headboard with our fringed Beauvamp lampshades (link). Finish off the room with one of our throws with decadent bullion fringing

To give your home the royal treatment, check out our elegant edit here.

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