If The Slider Fits, Wear It!

It’s often said that with the right shoe, a woman can take over the world. And in a pre-pandemic time, that saying might have conjured up images of slick, soaring stilettos heels that clicked as you strutted down the hallway, or some battered but hard-wearing Doc Martens that made you feel invincible. However, the experience of lockdown has changed our relationship with our footwear. Our treasured bedazzled dancing shoes (that we loved in spite of how much they hurt us) gathered dust. It wasn't even worth trying to resell them - after all - nobody else was going dancing either.
Cosy cashmere socks and slippers took centre stage instead as we settled into our new, weird 'work-from-home' routines. 'Fancy shoes' seemed like a decadent impulse busy at best, and a downright inconvenience at worst. This was the moment in time that many of us realised there was a gap in the market for footwear that could be worn indoors all day that also looked good
The return of loungewear has failed to excite some of us - perhaps because we still assume that there is no alternative to grandmotherly house robes in twee pastels or the aggressively zippered and pocketed streetwear-inspired tracksuits. Olivia Morris and her eclectic range prove otherwise - and there is no sacrifice to be made on luxury!
Grubby grey slippers are a thing of the past. Designer Olivia Morris is making sure of that. And we were privileged to be able to work with her on a collaboration that uses our signature marbled prints to create chic sliders in our soft and durable velvets. Currently, they are available in our Emerald Green Marbled print and our Topaz Marbled print. The crossover has gone so well that we are also planning to offer slippers in the coming months!
As with all of our collaborations, this one came together by sheer creative coincidence. We met via Instagram, bonded over our mutual love of vintage fabrics, bold prints and colour, and decided to work together. Aside from our shared aesthetic, the values and production process that Olivia espouses aligned with our own priorities to create products in a considered and responsible way.
Our sliders are ideal for working from home or for that awful ‘hotel purgatory’ you enter as you exit your room and make your way down to the pool area. For too long, it has seemed a foreign tradition to have footwear exclusively for the domestic realm, but now we feel more at ease with embracing this continental way of indulging our feet. After all, we seem to always be on them!
This footwear can be styled with clashing prints or provide an unexpected flash of colour peeking out from your trouser cuffs. And by the way, they can be worn outdoors, and our velvet’s rich colour and hard-wearing deep pile mean that you do not need to worry about fading.
Olivia's highly covetable range is stocked at Harrods and Browns, and you can also pre-order our limited edition collaboration on her website.  To stay up to date with her creative process and be inspired by her fantastic curation of prints you can also follow her on Instagram.

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