How To Style Your Sofa (The Susi Bellamy Way!)

Woodpecker Collage Square Cushion on Red/Blue Geode Velvet Fabric Sofa

I often get asked about how I go about styling my cushions 'in situ' by customers who love my designs but are unsure where they should start to incorporate them into an interiors scheme. I decided to put together a short guide to help you style your sofa - The Susi Bellamy way!

Ruby Marbled Tasselled Cushion and Fabric

1. Pick A Colour Palette

Rather than trying to stick to one shade - try and have a few colours in mind that you want to work with. You can create a colour palette from an image you find online using tools like which will lift the main tones and put them into an easy-to-use schematic that you can refer back to as you shop and style.

Peacock Bouquet End Ruched Velvet Cushion

2. Think About Accents

If you want to use pillows that have pops of teal in them, for example, try and make sure that same shade is present elsewhere in your room. It could be quite prevalent (ie. a teal wall as a backdrop to the sofa with the cushions) or a smaller hint of it (artwork, a vase, a lamp base.) This will help to pull your scheme together and ensure nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.

Green Feathered Square Velvet Cushion

3. Pick and Mix Your Textures

An easy way to create an eclectic feel in your scheme is by combining different textures. If your sofa is made from leather, for example, you might want to opt for tactile velvet cushions. On the other hand, if your sofa is covered in plush fabric, our Silk Cotton cushions will be a surprising contrast. This will add depth and dynamism to your set-up.

4. Shape Shift

Don't just use square cushions on your sofa if you want it to look like a natural, organic space to relax. Instead, try mixing different shapes and styles together. You could follow the simple '2:2:1' rule if you are unsure of how to go about this. Place two large square cushions on either side of your sofa, then a slightly smaller pair in front of them. In the centre, opt for an oblong or round shape. This will create a harmonious arrangement right away... now it's up to you to choose which prints you want to play with!

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