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It was not long ago that fashion house Preen by Thornton Bregazzi announced it's homeware collection The Guardian published an article about how fashion bloggers were diving into the realms of home interiors. It seemed the next logical step in their career path, given that the marble surfaces and shaggy rugs were the foundations of their imagery for which they gained legions of followers. And yet, the world of interiors and fashion have always crossed over at various points - From the Missoni Hotel to Versace's signature homewares launched from 1982.

Today, this coming together of worlds is at it's most relevant. This is because influencers are adopting holistic approaches to their personal brands (as The Guardian mentioned) but also because experientialism is coming to the fore in design.

As inflation persists and traditional retail suffers, the value-added economies of fashion and homewares must seek a way to entice customers to spend their money on items that can not be considered 'necessities.'  The way that they do this is by adopting a lifestyle based approach to their brands emphasising aspiration and experience, and that means being the all-encompassing symbol for a lifestyle that people want.

The best performing brands now create bricks and mortar concept stores; combining interiors, fashion, books and more - they make the experience of shopping 'in-store' one that cannot be recreated online by adding value in this respect. Online brands that are embracing the crossover make themselves the 'go-to' destination for consumers: not only will you shop here, but you'll follow us on social media for our great content that you'll want to share with friends.

In this climate, it is easy to understand why collaborations and diversifications into homeware are becoming more apparent. Susi Bellamy explains that "interiors are as much informed by the trends on the catwalk as anything else. To ignore the fashionable colours, prints, and compositions is to miss out on a real opportunity to modernise interiors and make fantastic design more accessible to everyone."

Susi's interiors range draws inspiration from her personal experiences, such as her six years in Florance and her time at Brides Magazine, but collections are curated in line with the mood of the moment. You can shop the range here.

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