Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

Blue Fantasy Cushion and Fabric

One of the phrases often repeated around the Susi Bellamy studio is that we are 'inspired by colour.' We not only surround ourselves with it and indulge in it as we are creating our designs, but we also make a conscious effort to stay up to date with the trending colours.

The Pantone Institute's annual 'Colour of the Year' announcement represents a summing up of the 'cultural conversations' taking place in the world (within the design sector and beyond). The revelation tends to set the mood for the coming year and while we don't design according to the choice, it's always interesting for us to curate some pieces from our existing catalogue that align with the Colour of the Year.

This year's pick has been named 'classic blue.' The shade feels a more stable, rich shade than last years' vibrant and optimistic Living Coral. Pantone emphasises its' dependability and traditional connotations such as royalty and the certainty of the sky at dusk. We've chosen a selection of our pieces that capture that constancy - a visual comfort in a world that feels increasingly characterised by instability.

A spiderweb of bubbling blue lava stretches across a sumptuous velvet in this large square cushion. This design would look perfect as a pair on a bed or two-seater sofa. Style this cushion with rich, dark textures and colours like velvet and leather. Design details like lampshades or ornaments that pick up on the rosy pink veins within the marbling would help to bring out the depth of this design even more.
A fantasy of rich chocolate brown and lapis lazuli swirl and mirror each other on this plush velvet cushion. The organic print recalls a pair of butterfly wings. Pair with some of our plain velvets in pinks and teals - or you can layer it with Blue Fantasy fabric for even more visual impact - like we've styled here.

Blue Fantasy Velvet Lampshade

Stun your guests with a kaleidoscopic fantasy unravelling on this luxurious velvet lampshade. This design would suit a range of lamp bases: an antique or classic base would create an eclectic look while a streamlined design would make it more contemporary. This design looks fantastic against neutral walls that allow it to speak for itself, or against warm reds that complement the cocoa-coloured undertones of the marbling. Match it up with our Blue Fantasy velvet cushions.


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