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I have been a member of the Colour Group Great Britain for many years - as a practicing artist, the charity represented some of the best artists and scientists working with a specific focus on colour and colour theory in the United Kingdom. The group holds events in London, and while I always relish the opportunity to head back to the city where I spent my years working for Conde Nast, I felt that the North could use it’s own group of colour champions - to inspire and collaborate with practitioners and academics around the region.

Thus, the Colour Collective was born. We recently branched off from Colour Group Great Britain to form an unincorporated association, allowing us greater autonomy with the events we put on. To date, we have welcomed over 500 people (members, guests and students alike) throughout doors at a series of events spanning colour perception, interiors, art, fashion, and even lighting. Our strength is in the multidisciplinary nature of our events, and of our varied and creative committee, that includes amongst others scientist Gabriele Jordan and Head of Fashion at Northumbria University Janine Hunt.


For me, colour is at the heart of what I do. My design process, at its most raw, involves the selection of colours which is somewhat intuitive, somewhat guided by trends and the design ecosystem. The blending of unexpected tones and the textural results are the eye-catching products of my experimentation, and often my most colourful designs fare the best on the marketplace.


I think it speaks to the fascination we have with colour how well our little Colour Collective has fared. From architects, to doctors, to students and businesspeople, everyone comes together with a mutual love and curiosity for colour. This desire to learn more, and examine colour from different academic and artistic frameworks, as well as get ‘hands on’ with it at workshops, is omnipresent, and I am honoured to be chairing this association and bringing colour to the north!

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