The Story Of My Cotton Marbled Collection

Top - Mustard Slick Square Cushion

Bottom - Pink Globular Square Cushion

I sometimes also call this my 'slick' collection because someone once compared the swirling motifs of the prints to oil rippling across water. After the success of my marbled linen collection, I decided to continue my experimentation with more natural materials. Because the cotton has a tighter weave than the linen fabric I wanted to use more opaque colours and return to my signature bold shades for these designs.

The starting point is the same: marbling using ink on water, marbled onto paper. I selected a colour palette with a slightly retro feel. I gravitated towards scarlet reds, aquatic blues and pinkish nudes. I dolloped generous helpings of ink onto the water to create large, globular shapes of colours. 

Unlike the wood I used for my linen collection, the paint clings to the paper almost immediately. As you gently place the paper onto the design floating on the surface it attaches itself - as if by magic - to the paper. Some of the designs are then printed onto the cotton fabric 'as they are,' and some are mirrored to create a more intricate, kaleidoscopic effect.

A canine convert to the cotton collection! Robbie the dog is posing here against our Pink Globular Square Cushion.

These cushions are 'right at home' in contemporary interiors. The uplifting collection pairs fantastically with mid-century inspired furnishings and soft furnishings that espouse the same daring colour palette.

For a bedroom, you could gravitate towards the feminine and carefree Pink Globular or Raspberry Slick. For living spaces, try something with a cooler colourway to open up a room such as Aqua Dance or Grey Organic. 

I also selected some of these designs to turn into lampshades. You can browse the range here.


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