The Geometric Collection


I am pleased to reveal my latest collection of geometric inspired designs, featuring silk cotton cushions and bold wallpaper in 4 different motifs. Partially inspired by Memphis Design, and my final graduate thesis at Northumbria University in which I explore colour as a commodity, these designs mark a departure from my maximalist style into something more visually bold and stark. The range has already been picked up by Heals, my longtime supporters, and you can browse a selection of exclusive designs at their shops nationwide. 

Colour as a commodity was a project that explored the world of colour forecasting as it related to consumer goods. The idea of starting from a fixed, predetermined colour palette is unusual for an artist, but it gave me a framework to explore space and dimension more thoroughly.

The final designs used for the collection float between 2D and 3D - at first glance, it is unclear whether they have been designed as a flat vector or whether they are photographs. They are indeed the latter, and by mirroring and cropping them they are removed from their original contexts and become abstracted.

The influence of the 1970s and 1980s has been pervasive on the fashion catwalks these past few months, and these trends have been feeding into the interiors market. The geometric collection is reminiscent of the opulent and generous colour palette of this era - when bright orange carpeted floors and yellow walls were not unusual. This range encourages customers to play and clash prints together to create an eclectic selection.

Our wallpaper is particularly striking - and would fit into any interior embracing a midcentury modern vibe. They blend a cubist motif with a playful, pop-art inspired colour palette to create something that is fresh and exciting. 

You can shop the selection here.



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