Taking Flight

Orange Swirl Birds Oblong Cushion

It feels like a good time to talk about my new range of decorative bird cushions. We are starting to appreciate nature more, as a result of being asked to stay home for months. Simple walks around our neighbourhoods and in local parks have taken on a new dimension - keeping us sane, keeping us healthy, giving us a newfound admiration for the fresh air. Even the birdsong that used to be mildly irksome first thing in the morning feels like a thread of normalcy: a constant in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Bird And Hand Cushion

I was drawn to the bird motif because they have a history of symbolism intertwined with spirituality and superstition. For those of you who are familiar with my designs, you will know I explored the idea of coral from a similar perspective. Birds not only have a rich history in the world of art and fashion but also allude to the idea of flight: of majesty, of vast journeys and omens harking to the start of new seasons.

I started with a single cushion in this vein - Bird And Hand - which combines delicate florals with a kingfisher and a crystal-encrusted handbag (because a bit of sparkle never goes amiss!) I then went on to explore the bird motif in more ways and expanded into this capsule range.

They are also, to put it simply, wonderfully decorative. Placed on my marbled backdrops, their detailed feathers and bright colours find their home among abstracted scenery. I decided to keep the branches on which they perch in the designs. This gives them a sense of place and grounding in reality, without losing the eccentric blend of the nebulous marbling swirling and dancing as a backdrop.

Bird and Rose Oblong Cushion

The 'Bird and Rose' design features a blue magpie on a green feathered marble backdrop and a pink floral element. Magpies are ancient symbols of good luck and in some indigenous cultures seen as shamanic vessels of sacred messages, able to watch over and take care of people. I still associate them with more recent superstitions, and have to confess I still salute them when I come across them!

Marbled Love Birds Oblong Cushion

They work well in interiors that espouse the rich colours used and don't shy away from blending traditional motifs with contemporary flourishes. They also make for fantastic year-round gifts, as they are not seasonal and have an ornamental quality about them that appeals to those less keen for a fully abstract piece. You can shop the full range here.




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