Susi Bellamy At Capheaton Hall

Our Grey Stucco Pebbles cushion and bench covered in Grey Stucco Pebbles fabric burst forth from this carmine red panel.

We recently had the privilege of shooting some of our collection at Capheaton Hall, out in the Northumbrian countryside. The Swinburne family (now Browne-Swinburne) have run the historic estate for 700 years, and the jewel in the crown is the Jacobite Grade I listed house that still boasts many of it's original features and contents.

Susi is always thrilled to explore new settings for her pieces, particularly ones with such a rich past. The ornate interiors and detailed extraordinary prints and paintings still hanging on the walls offer up an exciting backdrop for our pieces, which themselves play on the idea of blending the antique with the new. 

Our linen collection was a particularly good match for the space, as it's organic shapes and more muted colour palette echoed the layered traces of old maps and slightly faded paper.

This powder pink chair was the perfect backdrop for our Green Feathered cushions. Our Beige Ripple wallpaper sits harmoniously next to the pale grey doorframe and lifts it with a pop of fluorescent cerise pink.

We love the unexpected visual impact of our silken Geometric Collection against a sleek teal leather sofa, flanked by two imperious portraits of the Swinburne family. 

The decorative frame of this slim rococo mirror subtly mimics the motif of our Tapestry Fantasy wallpaper, with it's symmetry, curves and flourishes. Our linen covered stools stand out against the pale grey dado.

Our Blue Fantasy wallpaper picks up on some of the tones of this antique floor carpet, and almost creates the effect of it continuously climbing up the wall. It's ubiquitous textured look is broken up by thick dark blue curtains and sombre portrait paintings. 

Capheaton Hall is available for private bookings, and would make a fantastic venue for a wedding or special occasion. You can find out more about it's history and it's current offering by visiting their website here.




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