NEW COLLECTION LAUNCH - Romantic Plumage 2023

We are thrilled to announce the anticipated launch of our new collection of fabrics, cushions, lampshades and wallpaper which we are showing at London Design Week at Chelsea Harbour with the best of British design.

The prints in our new range centre around intricate and rhythmic marbled motifs in colourways that balance the vivid with the classic. Inspired by the vibrant plumage of exotic birds, Susi created marbled papers to reflect the overlapping layers of their multi-hued feathers. Translated onto plush velvet fabric, these fluctuating ripples are enticing and luxuriant, inviting us to savour their satisfyingly smooth and undulating surfaces.

This maximalism represents the incorporation of antique-inspired aesthetics with a modern sensibility for whimsy as it plays with pops of dusky mauves, sage greens and saffron yellow. With the addition of pretty passementerie we have added an opulent feel to the collection with a feel of a French 18th century salon!

The ochre browns, dove greys, wheat beiges and soft oranges provide a backdrop to these veins of vibrancy whilst maintaining a legacy feel for the range. We will also be releasing a selection of subtle designs that have ‘nearly no print’ for those who want to temper the detailed patterns.  And we have also introduced some gorgeous lampshades in both linen and velvet to complete the look.

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