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Product Spotlight: Lampshades

April 24, 2018

Orange Feathered Lampshade. Click hereto buy. 

We are starting a new series of blog posts entitled 'product spotlight' from today. The aim of this will be to give a more in-depth introduction to each product in the Susi Bellamy range and celebrate its exuberant design and elegant features.

First up, the Lampshade. Introduced to the collection in early 2017, we began by collaborating with a craftsman who had approached us at a trade fair, to create our first set of lampshades.

Grey Stucco Lampshade. Click hereto buy.

Perhaps somewhat unusually, we opted for a velvet fabric around the shade, whose main aim was not to diffuse light but to create a warm opulent glow and demonstrate the richness of our fabrics. We liked the way the light shot through the brightest veins of our organic inspired designs such as Pietra Grigia. 

The velvet fabric has a second effect - it creates a texture that is inviting and cosy when backlit. This, paired with the gold spokes and elegant cream lining of the shades, is what makes them so unique.

Blue Fantasy Lampshade. Click here to buy.

They are still handcrafted in Britain and look fantastic flanking a large scale painting or mirror on a mantelpiece, as well as sitting solitary in the corner on a sleek gold lamp base. Our Grey Stucco design proves to be the most popular, with the unusual and oscillating blue tones of Blue Fantasy not far behind. Explore the full range here.


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