New Collection Launch - The Galaxy Collection | Explore Our New Season Range

We are pleased to announce the anticipated launch of our latest collection of cushions, lampshades and fabric for the new season...

The prints in our new range centre around dramatic and rhythmic marbled motifs in deep, rich colourways that balance the vivid with the classic. Inspired by the beauty of our endless galaxy full of stars and planets, Susi has created unique marbled papers to reflect the light scattered overlapping layers of the starry night skies. Translated onto plush velvet fabric, these fluctuating swirls are enticing and luxuriant, inviting us to savour their satisfyingly smooth and undulating surfaces. The new collection plays with warm tones of spice inspired colours in Tobacco and Sage as well as pops of dramatic tones of Violet, Blue and Purple

This collection works beautifully with our existing patterns and are set to mix and match with our signature designs for an evocative Autumn/Winter palette of colours that have depth as well as light and shade...

Create the perfect autumnal aesthetic without being too obvious, by adding cosy accessories like these luxurious velvet cushions. Featured: Forest Marbled Velvet Cushion, Jewelled Neptune Velvet Medium Oblong Cushion, Nutmeg Swathe Velvet Cushion

The Galactic Marbled cushion is set to become a best seller, the varied colour palette lends itself to so many different interior schemes. This cushion can work as a pop of colour and pattern in your sofa cushion arrangement or be mixed in with other patterns and colours for a maximalist look!

Rich colours are abundant this Autumn Winter and were forecasted to trend earlier in the year - the collection features rich, jewel toned colours - deep burgundy reds, burnt oranges and emerald greens with pops of blues and purples. This new design Jewelled Neptune perfectly encapsulates the trend - timeless colours that bring a warming feeling to the colder, darker months... 


The Galaxy collection will feature velvet cushions in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as lampshades and three new sumptuous velvet fabrics 


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