More Is More: Maximalist Wallpapers

We have noticed a recurring trend at the world's most prestigious interiors trade-shows these past few months: Maximalist wallpaper.

Whilst motifs vary in style from the jungle inspired hand drawn illustrations of Marcos Navarro to Gucci's Tiger Cards - the principle is the same. They feature busy and uncompromising prints with a diverse colour palette that require careful curation to work in a living space.

I recently took the plunge and decided to decorate the top floor of my home in some designs from my wallpaper range. Rather than create a feature wall and style the room around it, I decked out all the walls and even the ceilings in my bold marbled prints - shaping the space itself with colour and texture.

For the first room, I opted for Khaki Fantasy which created a rich masculine feel. I used mid century furniture to offset the opulence of the marbled paper and create a vibe that was sleek and retro-inspired. 

The second room was all about feminine luxury. My Orange Feathered paper provided a bright, beautiful backdrop bursting and dripping with texture which I then tempered with a pink cotton covered headboard and touches of deep teal. 

An unexpectedly delightful result of this was the view from one room to the next - framed by our doorways, portals of colour start to appear that are worlds in and of themselves. 

I decided to cover my landing and staircase in Grey Stucco, an extremely popular design, that has an almost exotic look to it. The muted blue and warm shades of yellow, orange and pink are at home in this setting, enriching the natural sunlight of the space.

The unabashed vibrancy of these papers does not make them easy to style - but by opting for pieces that pick up on the tonalities of the paper in flat, block colours and touches of more modern design (from 1950s angular chairs to sleek curved lamp bases) they can become as integral and well-loved in a home as any other design.

Embrace the trend with my range of wallpapers which are available to buy online now.

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