Maximalism In Interiors

Maximalism is a trend that never fades, but what does it mean?

According to the FADS Interiors Design blog, maximalism is "a movement that’s typified by its richness, its abundance of embellishment and its excess of decoration... often punctuated with bright colours, enhanced with a sense of luxury and usually includes plenty of sensual elements." 

Maximalism is an eclectic but opulent tendency towards the colourful and the textural, marrying eccentric antiques with inviting new design to create an explosion of decoration that shouldn't 'work', but does.

With the runways embracing a new breed of romantic maximalism that is all about street style dressing clashing with couture inspired elements, the trickle into the interiors world is impossible to ignore.

Take House of Hackney's exotic, outlandish fabrics and wallpapers and our new range of interiors brimming with textures, layers of daring colour as a starting point, and layer them with carefully curated antiques for a delightfully different look.

Maximalism is more than a trend, it is a willingness to embrace the fun and creativity of staging excess in your interiors - and the ability to combine styles and eras in one space is a fantastic way to really make your interiors stand out. 

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