Maison et Objet Trend Report 2019


One of our favourite things about taking part in the Maison et Objet trade fair in Paris is the opportunity to catch up on the trends for the season. It's our chance to get a feel for what the world of interior design is gravitating towards that is new and exciting!

1. Velvet Fabric

Velvet has frequently been dismissed as old fashioned, but we have always been a fan. The richness and dimension it adds to colours is only one benefit - its durability and practicality makes it a universal option for upholstery and cushions in a home environment. Our own velvet lampshades were so inviting that we had passersby coming to stroke them!

Grey Stucco Pebbles Lampshade

2. Pastel Colours

Pastel colours get a grown-up makeover in a range of vibrant tones and tactile textures. Paired with elegant design and mid-century touches they take on a romantic nostalgia that feels grown up but fresh. 

Lavender Tapestry Linen Cushion

3. Natural Luxury


Natural textures and prints are re-imagined in exciting colourways and paired with opulent finishing touches. Our new collection pairs the more organic woven feel of cotton fabric with our signature marbled prints.


4. Living Coral

Of course - the Pantone Colour of the year made an appearance! Living Coral was marbled on the walls of the Objet de Curiosite stand (always a must see) and on soft furnishings around the show. The colour's optimism and warmth make it an ideal choice for a home setting as it feels intimate without being too heavy. If you don't fancy a whole seating set - why not try a small pop of the years' most fashionable shade - like our Red Blue Stream linen cushion.

Red Blue Stream Marbled Linen Cushion


5. Statement Sofas

Forget the coffee table - judging by the stands this year, the sofa is the new conversation piece in the home! From Brabbu's gold bottomed bar-style settees, Boca De Lobo's industrial luxury, to our own Red/Blue Geode covered sofa, bolder colours and more pronounced design flourishes are the order of the day. 

Imperfectio Sofa by Boca de Lobo


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