Livingetc feature - Colour Crush

We are pleased to announce the feature of the home of our namesake designer, Susi Bellamy, in Livingetc, Britain’s best-selling magazine on modern interior design.

Livingetc cover

Livingetc’s April 2019 issue’s cover presents a delicious palette of contrasting colours and bold prints, a divergence from their usual preference for the minimalistic. We could not think of a better issue to feature Susi’s Edwardian manor – a showcase of unrepentant maximalism through ‘effervescent combinations’ that ‘plays the juxtaposition card without coming over too bohemian’.

Entrance HallOffice on the Landing

The ‘eclectic yet tightly curated’ home is described as a vivid portrait of Susi herself. Using the ‘colourful, intuitive aesthetic’ and ‘pattern-tastic style’ she harmonises so deftly in her designs, Susi expresses the various chapters and influences in her life through the features in her home. From the modifications in the architecture to the curious trinkets ornamenting her shelves, she asserts her appreciation for art movements throughout the ages. Stepping through her halls is like browsing through her work – a Renaissance romance painted in modern strokes.

The article features Susi’s grand foyer, the office that was the birth place of so many of our designs, the cloakroom, the landing and her children’s bedrooms. Each room is another illustration of how you can style your Susi Bellamy products, from wallpapers that reach beyond walls to accent cushions and lampshades that add that touch of vibrant luxury to your home.

We thank Claire Bingham for the lovely article and Paul Raeside for the wonderful photos that captured both Susi and her interior for posterity. For further press features go to our press page in the information section of our website.

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  • Jo Holmes

    long time no speak. Hope you are well. Fabulous article in Livingetc. Eleanor is buried in A level preparation now so unlikely to be seen for some time!! but I do hope to get to some of your talks (busy this week, so unfortunately have to miss tattoos and celebrities!)
    Hope to catch up soon

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