Lampshade Launch & Emerging Lighting Trends for 2017/18

Susi Bellamy Lampshade Grey Stucco

Lampshades are always a very difficult home accessory to choose. The range of shapes, style, fabrics, and prints can be overwhelming, and finding a base that works with your lampshade and the rest of your room is an equally exhaustive task!

Susi Bellamy is delighted to announce the launch of our small but perfectly formed lampshade range. You can see the selection, featuring some of our best-selling designs, here.

Susi Bellamy lampshades are surprisingly versatile, owing to their varied but complementing colourways, and look best when paired with an elegant shagreen lamp-base from Forwood Designs.



The lighting trends for the season embrace gold as opposed to chrome, a colder shade that can lack personality. Susi Bellamy lampshades include gold spokes and are lined in a subtle cream, ensuring that each shade stays in line with luxury and quality, even from the inside out.

Susi Bellamy Lampshades and Forwood Designs

 Another trend concerns the evolution of mid-century design. Previously, mid-century lighting trends have consisted of using vintage pieces themselves or producing exact copies, but now designs are embracing the uncluttered, sleek forms and the juxtaposition of both new and modern elements in a more subtle way. This playful, birdcage inspired design from Matthieu Challieres at The Conran Shop is a fantastic example of this.

The delightfully retro palm-leaf motif also features heavily at House of Hackney, whose selection of shades for the season embrace nouveau-Victoriana style fringing paired with eccentric lamp bases. Lamp-bases are still varied in style, we personally recommend pairing Susi Bellamy lampshades them with a sleek, perspex lamp-base as this provides a stark and intriguing contrast to their dense colour and texture.

Susi Bellamy Lampshades

Geometricity persists elsewhere as a dominant theme, but whilst the copper frames that now pepper many hospitality interior settings have reached a saturation point, the lamp-shade itself is a plane for spatial experimentation and sculptural reworking.The Emmett design available at Habitat is a true statement, and its neutral grey tone makes it highly adaptable.

If you would like any more information on our range of lampshades, please get in touch using the 'contact us' form on the website.

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