Feature In Architectural Digest Italy

Architectural Digest Italy described my home as ‘an English countryside manor with Italy at its heart,’ and I couldn’t agree more. It felt like a true privilege for my home to be featured in a publication in the country that first began my love affair with maximalism and print, that developed into my interiors range.

They remark on the airiness of the property and the bright open spaces, but also speak of an approach to colour ‘without limits.’ Being unafraid to experiment with my own interiors has been a fantastic creative outlet for me and my styling remains very ‘decorative without becoming too bohemian.’ 


That luxurious feel is something I always want to maintain, which can sometimes be challenging in a traditional English home with period features! AD Italy remarks that there is a ‘flow to the house, that feels more modern and usable’ than the usual darker and more busy insides of older houses. 

AD Italy picks up on the ‘riot of colour’ present in my most newly renovated rooms, and the buttery yellow of my guest-room walls. It’s ‘dazzling’ nature is offset by cooler jewel-tones in the hallway, bringing the house into a colourful harmony.

The article finishes by summarising my approach to work: ‘the house is, after all, an extension of the taste that Susi has brought home from Italy, and that forms the basis of her artistic and design practice.’ And that is exactly what a home should be - a place for your ideas, nostalgia and creativity to flourish.




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