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Recently I was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr Geraldine Tan who is the editor of the Little Big Bell, a curated lifestyle and homeware blog based in London. When you open up Little Big Bell on your phone or computer screen, the first thing that will strike you is the way that Geraldine uses colour. Certain shades crop up again and again: millennial pink, lemon sorbet yellow, with sky blue and deeper teal accents.
Right away I thought about how we could combine Geraldine's keen eye for composition and styling with my range and the cotton collection immediately sprang to mind. The playful colour palette combines just the right amount of retro cheeriness with Scandinavian inspired design to create something that feels at once contemporary, with a hint of vintage.
Geraldine gravitated towards my Digital Fashion prints for their dynamism. With her own interior constantly changing, picking artwork that reflects the fast-paced and exciting trend cycle seemed a natural choice! She displayed above her now-iconic yellow sofa in two rows of triptychs.
I think they look fantastic in her space: somewhere to be inspired and invigorated by colour at the end of a long day. You can choose to go 'all in' and display the entire collection or pick out just one or two that blend in with the colour palette of your room.
She arranged the cotton cushions in a row and their organic prints were offset perfectly by a geometric cream and red rug: we've always been big advocates of saying you don't have to shy away from clashing your prints!
Geraldine picked out the four designs she felt would work best in her living room... but there's plenty more where that came from! The Retro Cotton Collection spans warm and cooler shades, you can see the full breadth of the range below.
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You can shop the retro cotton collection here, browse our digital fashion prints here, and be inspired by Dr Geraldine's keen curation and eye for colour here.


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  • Sabina Rose

    Sensational how beautifully the cushions partner the prints – congratulations on such successful styling. Each cushion has its own character and it is so difficult to choose between them.

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