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Our new collection uses a coral motif and reconfigures it by playing with composition. Coral has always been loaded with symbolism. It’s fragility and increasing rarity make it emblematic of a return to nature — but one that still feels luxurious and considered. 

It feels appropriate to embrace this philosophy in 2019: where the organic and the decorative exist in confluence with one another. My time in Italy first introduced me to the idea of coral as an amulet: the cornicello is traditionally worn to protect against the evil eye.

It’s repeated usage in early Renaissance imagery inspired her to revisit the motif and to re-imagine it for an interior setting. Coral’s sculptural quality allows it to be reworked in a variety of ways, each design boasting increasingly intricate patterns of intersecting branches.

The coral design is then overlaid onto a marbled backdrop, recalling the ebullient surface of the ocean. It’s tree-like form and blood-red colour also means it has long been associated with veins, the heart and consequently passion. The designs feel intimate, but with cooler shades of apple green and lemon yellow tempering the bold red, the designs are impactful without being restricted to a single season.

The kaleidoscopic reinterpretation of the single motif creates converging branches that invite you in: a dense, surreal forest that draws the eye and provides a focal point for a bedroom or living space.

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