Colour Trends for AW2017

Colour Trends change with every season but are often forgotten amongst the fashionable flurry of the catwalks! When it comes to interiors, it can be particularly useful to understand what colours are becoming most relevant each season and introducing small bursts of it into your home, rather than redoing a whole room.

Susi's collections are always curated with the trending colours in mind, ensuring that her offering is always representative of what is fashionable at the time. You just get to pick your favourite!

1. Walnut
A flat, base colour that is very much at home in Autum,n Walnut comes to life when it's paired with deepening tonalities of brown.

2. Turquoise
This enticing teal-y turquoise is one of the world's most favourite colours - and for good reason!

3. Pear
Pantone's Greenery mingles with mustard yellow to create this polarising green. Love it or hate it - it's here for the season!

4. Cedar
A lighter khaki, cedar looks best with rich cream tones and splashes of coral pink.

5. Chalk Pink
Chalk Pink might be ultra-feminine at first glance, but becomes versatile and edgy when it is introduced to monochromatic patterns.

By Louisa,
Susi's Assistant

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