Colour of The Year 2018 - Ultra Violet

The long-awaited Pantone Colour of the Year was recently revealed as a shade of deep purple, named 'Ultra Violet.' It is described by the company as being "a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade" that is a more rich and opulent departure from last years' playful lime tone, Greenery.

Pantone explains that Ultra Violet is symbolic of technological advancement and innovation (a deep blue-based purple that recalls celestial bodies and the exploration of the unknown) and artistic brilliance (think Jimi Hendrix and Prince!). It is a colour that represents pushing forward with optimism and focus. 

I have weaved purple into both my artistic work and the interior designs following in from it for many years. It is a colour that combines a sense of luxury with muted femininity - at once indulgent and light-hearted.


You might want to make a statement with your shade of purple and opt for one of our ever-popular marled designs such as Pietra Viola Kaleidoscope, pictured above.Or, you could choose to wear your love of this shade on your person with our luxurious silk colour block scarves (that come with their own gold foil embossed box, ready to gift!) 

Our Pietra Viola Oblong (pictured below) puts the marbling design centre stage whilst embracing this on-trend tonality. Our oblong shapes are great for gifting, or as the finishing touch to a guest-bedroom, to make it pop!

Whatever way you choose to embrace Ultra Violet interiors, it remains a versatile shade that is appropriate in most any room and lifts it with a hint of muted elegance. And we say, why not bring a little bit of the mysticism and decadence of this evocative shade into your home?


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