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Lavender Fantasy Linen Fabric and Cushions

You may have seen that one of our most recent additions to our range has been a series of linen cushions, fabrics and lampshades. It felt rather strange to go to the opposite end of the spectrum from our usual plush velvets, but we do like to challenge ourselves to constantly renew and reiterate our designs!

Susi's designs start life as small sections of plywood dipped in ink

Susi created the range using the same signature marbling technique that was used for our debut range - however instead of marbling on paper, she experimented with plywood. After dipping the wooden plate once, a faint but detailed and subtle pattern appeared however it is a second round of immersion in ink that creates the organic layered effect that you see in our designs today. 

This approach incorporating a natural material feels timely. With trends for more conscious ways of consuming becoming omnipresent, the earthiness of grain and globular motifs speaks to a subconscious desire to reconnect with the elemental.

Detail of the subtle woven texture on a Lavender Tapestry cushion

A lightened colour palette brightens the motifs and gives them a playful edge, proving that the organic doesn't have to gravitate towards severe browns and forest greens. These colour-ways make them a fantastic choice for a wedding or mothers day gift, as well as a variety of home styling contexts (from childrens' bedrooms to bright and airy living spaces).

Indian Summer Cushion

Our linen fabrics lend particular flair to antique french furnishings, updating cream frames and rustic details. Our bestselling Indian Summer design which graces the front of our catalogue has a hint of japonisme, with a central jade green motif that draws in the eye. For those espoused to a more neutral colour palette, the mocha tones of Beige Pink Marbled are a decadent but versatile choice. 

Indian Summer Linen Fabric

We selected four key designs for our fabric offering, Fantasy Tapestry, Indian Summer, Beige Ripple and Lavender Tapestry. Even the names hint at an exotic escape, where sunlight is dappled across floors and walls. Fantasy Tapestry feels particularly modern with an unexpected teal and coral pink colour combination.

Beige Ripple Lampshade

The linen fabric is also used for our lampshades, which are made in Britain with golden spokes and a cream lining. Subtly backlit, the designs create a softened glow that warm up a room with curated segments of our mirrored designs, cropped and magnified to further abstraction.

You can see the full range (including our coordinating wallpapers) here.

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