Bringing Colour To The North!

The Colour Group Great Britain was founded in 1940 as a not-for-profit organisation to bring together academics and creatives working in the field of colour. To this day, it promotes colour education through science symposiums and creative events and talks throughout the United Kingdom.

Until recently, it's events had been mainly London-centric, but members felt that more needed to be done to bring the activities of the Colour Group further afield, and therefore the Northern Chapter came into being! Based in Newcastle, the Northern Chapter has cultivated a membership of 80 colour enthusiasts - from the fields of science, fashion, and art, and held events at both Northumbria and Newcastle University.

The Colour Group Great Britain aims to encourage this interdisciplinary approach to colour education and it's mingling of the worlds of art and science make it a very unique offering! Northern Chapter committee members are involved in Fashion, Fine Art, Neuroscience and Biological Psychology meaning that events are always varied in topic and format, encouraging attendees from all regional universities and further afield.

For the coming year, events are being planned about cosmetology, the symbolism of the colour green, and a tour of the local Unison Pastel Factory will constitute the customary summer visit.

If you would like to learn more about the Colour Group Great Britain Northern Chapter, please email, or click here to become a member.

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