A Twin-Set For Your Home?

Some clashing catwalk looks that have inspired us!

We all remember our mother's generation's careful outfit co-ordination. Whether it was their Sunday best or a skirt suit tailored within an inch of its life, it was all about being 'matchy matchy.' Red shoes, red bag, with a red blazer and red lipstick.

There was something very satisfying about it - an almost formulaic approach to putting together the perfect outfit. The twin-set says this: I'm put together, I'm on top of things, I am considered. More recently, they appear to have gone 'out of fashion' before being revived by fashion houses using retro styling as a tongue in cheek way to hook us in with nostalgia for a lost (and perhaps simpler) time.

This got me thinking... what are the interiors equivalent to the twin-set? Something that had been firmly labelled passé for the longest time, only to creep back into the popular conscience - at first with a tinge of irony before becoming newly accepted as cool once more.

Orange Feathered Wallpaper, Lampshade and Oblong Cushion

Matching interiors were more popular in the 60s and 70s when design schemes incorporated entire rooms from floor to ceiling (yes, we're looking at you, Avocado bathroom!). We love to play with that aesthetic and modernise it by incorporating playful elements and off-setting it with strong lashes of colour, like the teal side-table. The bubblegum pink headboard acts as a solid block of colour, helping it to stand out and also draw your attention to the details of our Orange Feathered wallpaper.

Gelo Blu Wallpaper and Oblong Cushions 

Do the shoes match the bag? In this room, we paired our Gelo Blu wallpaper with two oblong cushions, displayed on a pair of traditional beige seats. The neutral soft furnishings allow the wallpaper to speak for itself, while the cushions 'round off' the scene.

Brown Fantasy Cushions and Pietra Grigia Wallpaper

Why not mix and match your maximalism! The 'twin-sets' of the past conjure up images of a soft cashmere in magnolia, duck egg blue and sage green. But we like to do things a bit differently.

Blue Fantasy Square Cushion and Fabric

Layer your matching patterns to create something that feels completely contemporary. Keep the colours in the same wheelhouse if you're worried about clashing: Khaki Brown Fantasy and Pietra Grigia both have an earthiness about them which makes them the perfect print partnership.

Coral Branched Lampshade and Heart of Coral Fabric

If you're feeling hesitant about the idea, don't approach it as dedicating an entire room to this avant-garde look, but instead try to find some little corners of your space to convert into a clashing cadre. For example, you could pick a set of cushions and display them near the matching lampshade. It's just enough harmony to feel satisfying, without being stuffy!


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